Insertion Options for Breast Implants

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Like other options associated with breast augmentation, the best breast implant insertion choice for you will depend on a number of individual details.

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Breast Implant Insertion Options

The most commonly performed breast implant insertion options are:

  • Inframammary: The breast implant incisions are made and concealed under the natural folds of your breasts
  • Periareolar: The breast implant incisions are made and camouflaged on your areolas
  • Transaxillary: The breast implant incisions are made and hidden within the armpits

As with other breast augmentation choices such as breast implant placement options, there is no single breast implant insertion method that is best for all patients.

Breast Implant Insertion Considerations

The best breast implant incision option for you will depend on a number of factors including:

  • Your breast implant type
  • Your breast implant size
  • Your breast implant placement
  • Individual physical characteristics including your current breast size and the condition of your existing breast tissue
  • Scarring considerations

Many women are concerned about lingering scars following breast augmentation, and while every type of incision will leave residual scars, each breast implant insertion option is designed to minimize scarring and conceal any visible scars.

For additional information, please see Questions about Breast Augmentation.

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