Questions About Face Lift Surgery

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How do I know if I’m a candidate for a face lift?

If you’re unhappy with deep lines and wrinkling on your cheeks and loose skin sagging around your jaw and neck, you may be a candidate for a face lift. Face lifts are not for everyone who experiences these symptoms, however. Your confidential consultation with board-certified South Carolina plastic surgeon Dr. Ted Vaughn will determine if a face lift is the best treatment option for you.

Will my face lift look natural?

Dr. Vaughn is dedicated to restoring a natural-looking, more youthful and healthy appearance without the exaggerated results sometimes associated with face lifts. Your face lift should make you look years younger, but in a subtle way that does not make the procedure itself outwardly obvious. Dr. Vaughn has more than two decades of experience helping patients rejuvenate their facial features through face lift and neck lift procedures.

What is the face lift recovery process like?

Face lifts are typically performed as an outpatient procedure in our comfortable, accredited in-office surgical suite. Most patients experience mild discomfort, which is easily controlled with pain medication, and are able to resume work and routine daily activities within one to two weeks following the procedure. Dr. Vaughn will discuss your recovery guidelines with you in detail.

Are there risks with face lift surgery?

There is the potential for risk with any surgical procedure, although complications from face lifts are rare. Side-effects may include infection, postoperative bleeding and scarring. Dr. Vaughn will discuss the possible risks associated with face lift surgery during your initial consultation.

Will my face lift leave scars?

Although incision placement will depend on your specific aesthetic goals and facial features, the scars from face lift procedures are typically well concealed and virtually unnoticeable.

How long will the results of a face lift last?

There are a number of individual factors that affect how long the effects of your face lift will last, but if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and practice good skin care, the results should be evident for many years. Still, it’s important to remember that the aging process will continue to take its progressive toll, and some patients seek revision procedures down the road.

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