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June CoolSculpting Special - Get $1000 Off

Offer ends 6/30*

Patients must sign up by June 30th in order to receive this special discount. Call us with questions or to schedule your appointment!

Bow Wow Botox Event!

We're happy to announce a new charity event for the Humane Society of Greenwood! From May 15th through June 15th, we're encouraging our patients & community to contribute a needed supply for the shelter. Participants who drop off a donation from the wish list will receive $50 off Botox. This offer is limited to the first 25 people who make a donation and reserve an appointment. Hurry and give us a call at 864-223-0505 while space is still available! 

Bow Wow Botox Charity Event for Humane Society of Greenwood

Even if you're not one of the first 25, please feel free to drop off a needed item for the Humane Society of Greenwood. We will continue acepting donations through June 15th.

Supplies Wish List

These are items that used every day for the animals in our care. Donations of these items are very appreciated!

Please note some items have specific criteria.

Pet Food

  • 9-Lives or Friskies Canned Cat Food
  • Purina Dry Kitten Chow
  • Pet Ag Kitten Milk Replacer
  • Pedigree Canned Dog Food
  • Pedigree, Purina Dry Puppy Food
  • Dog and cat treats

Cleaning Products

  • Trash bags (all sizes)
  • Paper towels
  • Sponges
  • Hand sanitizer

Office Supplies

  • Copier paper
  • Highlighters
  • Sharpies
  • White-Out tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Scotch tape


  • Any size metal bowls
  • Pet carriers or crates
  • Towels, Fleece blankets
  • Dog harnesses (all sizes)
  • Leashes and collars (all sizes)
  • Cat and dog toys
  • White rice (for filling socks and making “warming” bags for animals)

Any and all donations are appreciated!