Male Breast Reduction

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Gynecomastia is a condition in which men have excessive glandular or fat tissue in their chests, giving them large, overdeveloped breasts. Derived from two Greek words meaning “woman breasts,” gynecomastia can be embarrassing and chronically uncomfortable.

Often caused by a hormonal imbalance, gynecomastia does not necessarily respond to changes in diet and fitness, and many men turn to male breast reduction as a solution when the problem does not go away naturally. Board-certified South Carolina plastic surgeon Dr. Ted Vaughn has helped numerous men who suffer from gynecomastia remove the excess weight of oversized breasts and regain a more natural appearance.

Male breast reduction usually entails the use of liposuction alone to remove fatty tissue, although some patients will require the removal of both breast tissue and skin.

Typically, the procedure is performed in our private, accredited in-office surgical suite.

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