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Spectrum Laser

Dr. Vaughn prides himself on keeping his practice at the forefront of techniques and technology in the aesthetic world. Toward that end, he brings new systems into our Greenwood practice to deliver a wider range of treatment options for our patients.

One of those is the Spectrum Laser/IPL platform from Rohrer Aesthetics. Dr. Vaughn is excited to expand our non-surgical treatment offerings with this powerful laser and IPL system.

What is the Spectrum Laser?

The Spectrum Laser/IPL platform offers four different lasers and one intense pulsed light system all in a single platform. This enables us to perform a variety of cosmetic treatments and procedures with the single system. These include everything from skin resurfacing to tattoo removal.

What are the five lasers and IPL that make up the Spectrum system?

Dr. Vaughn loves the versatility of our Spectrum laser/IPL platform. Here are the five different components of the system:

  • 810-Diode Laser — The Spectrum is ideal for laser hair removal. It has a large spot size, a hertz rate capable of up to 10 pulses per second, and built-in contact cooling for patient comfort.
  • Q-Switched Yag/KTP Laser — The Spectrum includes a laser tattoo removal device known as the Q-Switched Yag/KTP laser. The Q-Switched Yag laser uses dual wavelengths (1064nm/532nm) to remove more tattoo color pigments in less time than single wavelength tattoo removal lasers.
  • Long-Pulsed Yag Laser — For getting rid of those unsightly spider veins, we use the Spectrum Long-Pulsed Yag Laser. We match the Yag laser wavelength to the color of the hemoglobin in the unwanted spider veins, and the system then delivers longer pulses to effectively heat the vein and cause it to close off. This laser treats a variety of vascular lesions in addition to spider veins.
  • Erbium Yag Laser — The system’s Erbium laser is meant for skin resurfacing on the face, neck, decolletage, and hands. The laser energy eliminates surface pigmentation problems and minimizes mild to moderate fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Intense Pulsed Light — IPL is not technically a laser, as it uses a wide range of laser wavelengths at the same time, versus the single wavelength emitted by a true laser. The IPL portion of the Spectrum platform has four filters that our aestheticians can utilize for various non-invasive treatments such as acne reduction, removal of sun and age spots, vascular issues, and hair reduction.

Who is a good candidate for a treatment with your Spectrum Laser?

A better question would be “Who isn’t a great candidate?” That’s because we all have issues with our skin. Whether the result of one too many hours out on the golf course or over on the coast, in South Carolina we get more than our share of sun, and that equates to skin problems from sun damage.

Plus, as we get older, our skin’s natural supply of collagen continues to decline. It peaks when we celebrate our 20th birthday and declines one percent every year afterwards. That means at 50, your skin has a third less collagen than in your younger days. Since collagen is the protein responsible for providing the structural framework under our skin, this decline allows our skin to sag and thin, and it allows the formation of creases, lines, and wrinkles.

Guaranteed there isn’t a person in Greenwood, or anywhere in the Carolinas for that matter, who couldn’t benefit from one of these great non-invasive treatments with our Spectrum Laser platform.

How many treatments will I need?

Because Spectrum is a 5-in-1 platform, that enables us to perform a diverse set of treatments with it. Some, such as spider vein removal, require only a single treatment. Others, such as tattoo removal, require a series of treatments to achieve the treatment goals.

When we know what you’re interested in addressing, we will tell you how many treatments would deliver the best results.

Are there any side effects with the Spectrum Laser?

The versatility of the Spectrum Laser platform is only matched by its safety. The system continually monitors the temperatures of the patient’s skin, shutting off at the first hint of any temperature elevation. Contact cooling is built in.

The only side effects are typically some redness and possible slight swelling across the treatment areas. These are safe, non-invasive treatments.

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