Our Cosmetic Procedures

Serving Greenwood, Greenville, Columbia, South Carolina & nearby Augusta, Georgia

At Piedmont Plastic Surgery in Greenwood, South Carolina, we offer a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery options in addition to nonsurgical cosmetic procedures and skin care treatments.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ted Vaughn and the team at Piedmont Plastic Surgery focus on your unique goals and physical features to determine the right procedure or blend of procedures necessary to achieve optimal results and your ultimate satisfaction. Most cosmetic surgery procedures can be performed in our accredited in-office surgical suite.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Vaughn has more than 20 years of experience helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals through cosmetic surgery procedures including:

Reconstructive Surgery Procedures

Piedmont Plastic Surgery also provides surgical treatments with benefits beyond the cosmetic. Dr. Vaughn has extensive experience in reconstructive plastic surgery procedures including:

Nonsurgical and Skin Care Treatments

Piedmont Plastic Surgery is the proud home of a dedicated skin care facility with a wide variety of services including:

Unlike many plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons who offer dermal fillers through their offices, Dr. Vaughn has a nuanced understanding of individual facial features and personally administers all BOTOX® Cosmetic and soft tissue filler treatments.

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