3 Common Myths About BOTOX® Cosmetic

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Woman in her 40s smilingBOTOX® Cosmetic is one of the most popular non-surgical treatments available today. Over 100 million vials have been sold in America alone since 2002. Yet there are misconceptions about BOTOX® Cosmetic that persist despite its popularity. Here, we debunk three of them. 

Myth #1: BOTOX® Will Make Your Face Look Frozen 

BOTOX® works by preventing the injected muscles from contracting. However, that doesn’t mean the treatment will make your face look stiff. Natural results are possible with BOTOX®!

As long as your injector administers the correct dosage, you won’t appear overdone or frozen. A skilled provider knows how to relax unwanted wrinkles while maintaining some facial movement. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ted Vaughn personally administers BOTOX® at our practice.

Myth #2: BOTOX® Only Treats Visible Wrinkles 

Smoothing visible lines and wrinkles is certainly one popular use for BOTOX®. However, there are many other reasons to consider getting this injectable. For example, it can help control excessive sweating under the armpits and relax overworked and enlarged jawline muscles.

At our practice, younger patients love to use BOTOX® Cosmetic as an anti-aging treatment. When administered before lines and wrinkles appear, BOTOX can have a preventative effect.

Myth #3: Once You Start Getting BOTOX®, You Can’t Stop

We often hear from patients who are worried about this one. Just because you want to try BOTOX® doesn’t mean you have to get it forever. You can take a break from it at any time. 

If you do, you can expect your muscle activity, lines and wrinkles, and skin condition to gradually return to normal. You should also account for any aging that has happened since you started.

Get the Facts During a BOTOX® Consultation 

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ted Vaughn wants you to know the facts about BOTOX® Cosmetic. That way, you can decide if this wrinkle-fighting treatment is right for your needs.

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