Greenville Liposuction Options

Serving Greenwood, Greenville, Columbia, South Carolina & nearby Augusta, Georgia

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ted Vaughn is pleased to offer advanced liposuction techniques to help our patients reach their body contouring goals. Dr. Vaughn has carefully chosen the safest and most effective liposuction techniques available to help protect your comfort and safety, and to produce remarkable results.

During your Greenville liposuction consultation with our experienced plastic surgeon we can answer any questions you have about our techniques and help you determine if this procedure is right for you.

Safer and More Effective Techniques

Dr. Vaughn utilizes power assisted tumescent liposuction (PAL) due to the many advantages it offers. With this technique, our Greenville liposuction surgeon injects a special medical solution into the treatment area that increases comfort while helping to break down stubborn deposits of fat. Excess fatty tissue is then removed with a power assisted cannula, allowing for more consistent results.

The PAL technique allows Dr. Vaughn to more thoroughly remove fat deposits while minimizing trauma. This can reduce surgical and recovery time, and greatly enhance the final aesthetics of your procedure. 

If you live in Greenville or surrounding areas of South Carolina and would like to learn more about your liposuction options, please contact Piedmont Plastic Surgery to schedule your initial consultation today.