How Long Is Breast Augmentation Recovery?

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Breast Augmentation RecoveryRecovery times for breast augmentation surgery vary by patient. Depending on the options selected for your procedure, such as implant placement and size, and your body’s natural healing ability, your recovery time can vary from the general timelines given here.

In general, most patients will be able to return to work, such as light desk work, within a week of surgery. You will need an initial 24-48 hours at home in the care of an adult friend or family member, and you should expect some swelling and bruising around the breasts. Dr. Vaughn fits patients with a pain pump during breast augmentation surgery to reduce discomfort in the healing process and speed up recovery times.

Within four to eight weeks, you should be able to return to all of your normal daily activities, including strenuous activities such as running or weight lifting.

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