Three Questions Every Breast Augmentation Patient Should Ask

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When you're ready to take that first pivotal step toward a new you by scheduling your breast augmentation consultation with Board Certified South Carolina Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ted Vaughn at Piedmont Plastic Surgery in Greenwood, you want to make the most of your time with the doctor. The best way to do that is to be prepared.

Here are five of the questions that women who have had a breast augmentation surgery believe every woman should ask the doctor before their procedure:

  • Consultation Question No. 1: Where do you conduct surgery? You want to feel comfortable and safe with the surgical center where your breast augmentation will happen. While many doctors meet patients in their office then perform surgeries off-site, Piedmont Plastic Surgery is proud to have an accredited in-office surgical suite.
  • Consultation Question No. 2: What are my anesthesia options? Talk with Dr. Vaughn about your needs versus the anesthesia he recommends for you. There are risks and benefits associated with each type of anesthesia.
  • Consultation Question No. 3: What are the overall risks associated with my procedure? Dr. Vaughn is committed to making sure that patients are well-informed before making final decisions about undergoing aesthetic procedures.

So if you're considering a breast augmentation in South Carolina and haven't yet get booked your consultation with Dr. Vaughn at Piedmont Plastic Surgery in Greenwood, please contact us today online or by telephone at 864-223-0505.