Will There be Scarring After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

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When our South Carolina plastic surgery patients consider breast augmentation, one frequent question that many of them pose to Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ted Vaughn at Piedmont Plastic Surgery, is whether or not the procedure will leave visible scarring. To be sure, breast augmentation, or the type of breast surgery, will require Dr. Vaughn to make delicate surgical incisions.

During a patient's initial plastic surgery consultation, Dr. Vaughn will review breast surgery incision options and determine which one is best-suited to the individual's health and particular procedure. What's more, many patients find that in addition to being well hidden, once their breast surgery scars have fully healed, these blemishes tend to be discreet and difficult to spot. Our patients also can rest assured knowing that Dr. Vaughn reviews post-surgical recovery and healing instructions with each of them.

If you live in or around Greenwood, Greenville, Anderson or Columbia, South Carolina, and would like to learn more about your breast augmentation options, please contact Piedmont Plastic Surgeryto schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Vaughn.