Skip Plastic Surgery Trips, Stay Home in South Carolina

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Traveling abroad for plastic surgery has become increasingly popular, but there are good reasons to stay close to home in South Carolina for such surgeries.

Here are three reasons to book a consultation with a local plastic surgeon such as Dr. Ted Vaughn as opposed to getting involved with "medical tourism."

Doctor unfamiliarity: It may be more difficult to decipher an international doctor's training, education, professionalism, clinical practices and office environment without first paying a physical visit to the practice.

Thorough follow-up exams: Plastic surgery should be thought of and treated the same way as other medical procedures. That means each procedure is accompanied by follow-up exams that sometimes happen for several weeks after a procedure. Although some people look to medical tourism as a way to save money, any savings will be considerably less should the patient need to stay away from home for several weeks, or travel again after the procedure in order to have post-surgical evaluations by the same surgeon who performed their operation.

Consumer protection: In the States, well-qualified plastic surgeons such as Dr. Ted Vaughn hold professional association memberships and certifications the ensure these doctors keep up with advances in their field. That same peace of mind may not be available to medical tourism patients.

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