Greenville Liposuction Questions: How can I Maintain my Results?

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Liposuction can safely remove up to ten pounds of fat from targeted areas of the body. The removal of these stubborn deposits of fat can greatly improve the definition of your body and help produce ideal contours. Better yet, once removed through liposuction, fat deposits cannot come back. However, this does not mean new deposits cannot accumulate.

Greenville liposuction surgeon Dr. Ted Vaughn wants to make sure you are happy with your results for years to come. To maintain these results, he strongly encourages appropriate lifestyle changes.

It’s in Your Hands

Two of the most effective ways to prevent future fat accumulation are adopting an active lifestyle and eating a wholesome diet. However, neither of these things needs to be tiresome or unpleasant.

Moderate exercise can include things such as walking, swimming, and even hiking in the beautiful foothills of Greenville. Taking time to engage in a combined two to three hours of these or similar activities every week is often enough to keep the body trim, particularly when combined with a well-rounded diet.

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