Five Questions for Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

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A personalized, informative consultation with Dr. Ted Vaughn at Piedmont Plastic Surgery in Greenwood, South Carolina, goes a long way toward patient satisfaction prior to cosmetic surgery as well as less-invasive skincare procedures.

Our practice is proud to offer these consultations for $45-$75, depending on the nature of the procedure you discuss during your consultation, and we are happy to deduct this cost from the price of your subsequent surgical procedures at Piedmont Plastic Surgery.

Our practice thinks of clients like family. So if your cosmetic goals dictate the need for a skincare specialist other than Dr. Vaughn to be part of the consultation, we make that happen.

Ideally, a plastic surgery consultation should be a fruitful exchange of information in which the patient comes to understand their exact aesthetic challenges and care options, and Dr. Vaughn learns everything he needs to know in order to achieve the kind of optimal results showcased by our many happy patients in the online Before & After photo gallery.

With that in mind, here are five questions to ask during your cosmetic surgery consultation:

1. What should Dr. Vaughn know about your medical history? Tell the doctor all about your health, any past plastic surgery procedures, and your cosmetic goals for the future. Be as honest and forthcoming as you can.

2. What is your experience and success with this procedure? Pictures alone cannot tell a complete treatment story. You want all of the information you can get before making a treatment decision, and that means "full disclosure" about any recovery realities or procedural risks.

3. What are the potential negative outcomes of the procedure, and how common are these outcomes? Find out what your job as a patient will be in terms of care and recovery. That way, you know what to expect in order to achieve an ideal outcome.

4. Of the treatment options available, which one does Dr. Vaughn recommend for me and why? Our doctor strives to provide patients with as much procedural information as possible.

5. When I am quoted a price for a particular procedure, what exactly do I get for that price? Find out what tests or medications (if any) are included in the price. Ask whether the quote includes the operating room fee, anesthesia fee, follow up appointments or post operative garments. There may be an additional expense related to your procedure.

To schedule your plastic surgery or skin care consultation, please contact Piedmont Plastic Surgery online or call 864-223-0505. We welcome patients in and around Greenwood, Greenville, Anderson and Laurens, South Carolina.