Can Plastic Surgery Improve Health?

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Plastic surgery is often thought of for its aesthetic benefits alone. Indeed, these benefits are remarkable and, if the improvement of your physical appearance is your entire goal, plastic surgery is the best option. However, if you have just lost significant weight and are now struggling with physical limitations due to excess fat or skin throughout the body, plastic surgery may also be useful in helping improve your overall health.

Plastic surgery can remove some of the obstacles to a healthier life. Call Greenwood plastic surgeon Dr. Ted Vaughn at 864-223-0505 to learn moreAs we’ve discussed previously on our blog, liposuction can act as a spring board for a healthier lifestyle, working to improve both physical and emotional health. Likewise, tummy tuck surgery can reattach separated abdominal muscles, improving core strength and balance, and serving to increase physical ability. Both procedures remove physical limitations caused by excess fat and can even help firm skin to new contours, removing the interference that may result from bulky collections of skin in the midsection and throughout the body.

While plastic surgery can serve these purposes, achieving optimal health is, ultimately, your responsibility. Greenwood plastic surgeon Dr. Ted Vaughn can provide you with treatments that face you in the direction of health and wellness, but without effort on your part, results obtained through body contouring will only be temporary. Fortunately, maintaining results often requires little more than diversifying your dietary choices and engaging in an hour or so of moderate exercise four to five days a week. During your initial consultation we can discuss this in more detail and give you advice on how to make the most of the results your procedure will produce.

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