Two Tips: How to Choose the Right Breast Implants

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There are many good reasons for Dr. Ted Vaughn, the Board Certified South Carolina Plastic Surgeon at Piedmont Plastic Surgery in Greenwood, to see breast augmentation candidates for a consultation prior to establishing their surgery plan.

Chief among these reasons is that Dr. Vaughn wants to make sure that all of his breast surgery patients are comfortable with their breast implant options and selection.

But before having that conversation with our plastic surgeon, here are two things for prospective breast augmentation patients to consider about selecting implants:

Implant Selection Tip No. 1: Do some homework prior to your consultation. Read our website information about breast implant options, consider the benefits associated with both silicone and saline breast implants, and develop a list of questions for the doctor.

Implant Selection Tip No. 2: Consider the physical goals behind your breast augmentation surgery, and discuss these goals with Dr. Vaughn. He will use implant sizers to help patients envision how they'll look after surgery.

The surest way for a woman to know which breast implant is ideal for her body type is to book a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Vaughn at Piedmont Plastic Surgery, which serves patients in and around Greenwood and Greenville, South Carolina. Dr. Vaughn will guide breast augmentation patients through the implant selection process.

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