Liposuction after Serious Weight Loss in Greenville

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There are a number of ways to lose weight quickly, many of which are safe and effective. However, even with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, stubborn deposits of fat can often remain throughout the body.

Some areas of the body will not respond to weight loss efforts. Those that do can still retain a small amount of fat, preventing you from fully obtaining your aesthetic goals. If you are stuck with stubborn fat following serious weight loss, Greenville liposuction surgeon Dr. Ted Vaughn may have just the solution you’ve been looking for.

Why Liposuction?

Liposuction is an incredibly effective way to remove small fat deposits from nearly any area of your body. The advanced liposuction techniques used by Greenville plastic surgeon Dr. Ted Vaughn can remove fat and help encourage skin to firm to your new contours, assisting in the enhancement of your weight loss efforts.

It is not uncommon to combine liposuction with other post weight loss plastic surgery options such as tummy tuck surgery or body lift, but what options are right for you can best be determined by Dr. Vaughn during your body contouring consultation.

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